Based in Nottingham, DJ F0rmula, also known as Ravi Abbott, is a DJ and producer. He draws inspiration from the music he grew up listening to at squat parties, illegal raves, on pirate radio.

    Mixing on vintage technology from 1993 like the Amiga Computer he plays old skool bangers and lesser known remixes. 

    Bringing those chunky 8bit samples and low quality and homemade rave as an alternative refined and polished music.   
    Recap Party - Liquid Light Brewing Co - 1st July 2023

    Huldra Festival - Nott's Maze -  3rd September 2022

    The Commodore Los Angeles Super Show - (streamed) - 25th June 2022

    SetPatch 2022 Party - Mönchengladbach, Germany - October 16th 2022

    Workbench 2022 - Chipping Sodbury - May 21st 2022

    Steel City Chiptune - Meltdown Sheffield - 26th october 2019

    DJ Yoda's History of Video Games at Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham - 27th Apr 2018

    All Your Bass - Nottingham  Antenna -  Friday 19th January 2018
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